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Tags are a way to segment users based on specific events, behaviours or attributes of the user.

Method Description
tagUserId Add a unique identifier for a user, e.g. ""
tagString Add a string tag for a specific key
tagNumeric Add a numeric tag for a specific key
tagDatetime Add a datetime tag for a specific key
removeTag Remove a tag with a specific key

Example Usage

  • Tagging a string value of "Plan-44" to a key of "Selected-Plan":
Contextual.sharedInstance().tagString("Plan-44", forKey: "Selected-Plan")
  • Tagging a numeric value of 123 to a key of "Order ID":
Contextual.sharedInstance().tagNumeric(123, forKey: "Order ID")

For more examples see User Tagging

Last update: 2024-01-30