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[androidJvm]\ class TagManager(context: Context)

A class to use Tags on Contextual platform. This class should only be used after you call Contextual#init. For more information please see


TagManager [androidJvm]
constructor(context: Context)


Name Summary
getTag [androidJvm]
fun getTag(key: String): Flow<Tags?>
Gets the tag attached to this install.
removeTag [androidJvm]
fun removeTag(key: String)
Delete the tag to this install.
setDateTimeTag [androidJvm]
fun setDateTimeTag(key: String, datetimeValue: OffsetDateTime = Tags?>
Sets the tag to this install.
setNumericTag [androidJvm]
fun setNumericTag(key: String, value: Number): Flow<Tags?>
Sets the tag to this install.
setStringTag [androidJvm]
fun setStringTag(key: String, value: String): Flow<Tags?>
Sets the tag to this install.
tagStringArray [androidJvm]
fun tagStringArray(mutableMap: MutableMap<String, String>): Flow<List<Tags?>>
Sets the tags to this install.

Last update: 2024-02-08