The Tip Dismiss Element type which holds all the information about the dismiss button for the guide.

Property Type Description
icon NSString Dismiss button image resource name. It's built inside the App's resource bundle. If the file name in the payload has no extension, use ***.png.
width CGFloat The dismiss button's width.
height CGFloat The dismiss button's height.
padding FourSide The dismiss button's padding.
margin FourSide The dismiss button's margin.
buttonColor UIColor The dismiss button's color.
backgroundColor UIColor The dismiss button's background color.
borderColor UIColor The dismiss button's border color.
borderWidth CGFloat The dismiss button's border width.
borderCornerRadius CGFloat The dismiss button's corner radius.
dismissB1 NSString Button for positive on delete confirm dialog, which is on the left.
dismissB2 NSString Button for negative on delete confirm dialog, which is on the right.
dialogTitle NSString Title on delete confirm dialog.
dialogContent NSString Message content on delete confirm dialog.

Last update: 2024-01-30