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Privacy FAQ

Contextual sees protection of your data as important. We also don't want you to share anything that is NOT useful to you in executing guides and engaging customers.

This is the simplest summary we've got in plain language to answer common questions about data and privacy.

Customer Data

Privacy Policy


Elements of EU-GDPR are covered in the privacy policy, if your organization needs to execute a DP agreement, please contact

No capture of user PII

Contextual SDK does not capture field data, user entered keyboard data, nor records screen sessions.

In other words we don't collect field data off screens or user-input data. We DO allow you to send data to us (at your option) and this is called "tagging". The privacy policy notes that this is your responsibility.


Depending on what plan you are using Contextual allows you to extend the data attached to a user or device. This this is like a flexible CRM with custom fields for the user.

In Contextual however, this data can be used in Guides for:

  • Audience Segmentation - if you add a custom tag. For example if you want to target guides/tips to a user type of JobRole="Project Manager" or VIP_Member=Gold", then you can send that to us as a "tag".
  • Personalization - you can use a tag for "First Name", so you can have a prompt with "Hey Adelle"... etc

You can read more about tagging and privacy here:

User tagging explained

A full list of fields in a tag record is provided at but ultimately you decide what tags to send.

Mapping Screens on mobile

In order to place tips, the operator (you) take a screenshot of a screen and the image and metadata is sent to the Contextual cloud. Just make sure when you take the screenshot that the data is test data. This is NOT a function that end-users can access or be exposed to.

Install (Device) data

When the SDK registers with Contextual platform, it sends data specific to the device that helps render guides in the correct manner at the right time. Generally, these are fields like: - operating system - development platform (if the app was built using a native or hybrid or web development environment) - app version - SDK version - device model - device width/height - carrier (telecoms provider) - timezone A full list of fields is provided at

Behavioural Data

What a user does in your App - screens and clicks.

Screen/Field level activity

Depending on what Plan you are using you can set goals and triggers based on a button click, a screen/page visit etc. This is powerful because you don't need to add custom tags explicitly - saving you time and developer costs.

These behavourial tags are record a screen visit or a click event. These tags will not contain any PII (unless you have coded something very strange): a potential edge cases may occur where a screen/button name may be constructed by your developers with some user data, so be aware of that - it is strongly discouraged. For example if a user's profile page is "Edit Profile for John Doe" that may be sent to Contextual cloud (depending on your plan).

A full list of fields in these behavioural tag records are the same as tagging above but automatically generated. The fields are provided at

Last update: 2023-11-13