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Product Features

Tracking Product features

Contextual analytics tool allows users to register and track the features of their app.

Key Features:

  • Screen Tracking: Contextual enables you to register and name each screen of your app, providing specific tracking of the performance of each screen at the user level.
  • Feature Tracking: The clickable elements of your app are referred to as "features" in Contextual, and the tool allows you to register and name each feature to be tracked separately. This is specially useful when targeting guides towards specific features, as their performance can be monitored.
  • Custom Tag Tracking: Contextual provides the ability to register and name custom tags, which can be categorized as strings, numeric, or date/time. This allows you to track any type of tags set both at the backend or from Contextual SDK. (refer to here)

  • Conclusion:

    Contextual product features provide users with the ability to track and analyze the performance of the various aspects of their app, including screens, features, and custom tags. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions and optimize the performance and user experience of their product.

    Last update: 2023-03-13