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Troubleshoot guide for content not showing on mobile

This troubleshooting guide will help you to debug why you can't see any Contextual content on your phone. The guide will firstly go through viewing content in preview mode and then live Guides. We recommend going through the whole guide if you are having any trouble seeing Contextual content.

Is sdk integrated?

First thing to check if you aren't seeing any tips on your device is whether your app has a working integration.

Check dashboard go to Settings then Setup, choose your platform then at the top you should see something similar to this if you have a successful integration. You can also click on the check integration button (top right).

Check USERS tab on dashboard to see if you can see any users and if you do then try to find your device. If you don't see any users in the list then you don't have a working integration. If you see users but you can't find your device then either the version of the app, you have may not have the Contextual SDK integrated into it or your device may have an issue connecting. Make sure you have the correct version installed and if you are still having troubles contact us.

Successful integration

If your device is in the list and you are unable to see any Contextual content, then there are a couple of things you need to try.

Preview mode

Have you been able to get your device into preview mode and see Contextual content?

  • If yes then great, you should also be able to see it when the Guide is enabled.

  • If not, check out these how-to videos.

  • If can't see your device in preview mode search list, check you have the latest version of the App. Search using your User ID (the "sh_cuid"). If all this fails, please contact us to help you debug the issue further.

Preview mode success

You can see Guides in preview mode but you can't see the Guide you have enabled?

First thing is to check that the Guide is active (image below) If you see inactive please contact us at

Second is to check that the Guide is getting matches. From the Guide list page click on the analytics of the Guide you are trying to see (image below).

If there is no matches, it is probably because of the following reasons:

Incorrect audience selection

When you have an Guide open and go to the audience tab and check if there is a number under selected users (may need to refresh). If you see a 0 then you may have a combination of filters chosen that has excluded all the users. Don't forget when you add more than one filter it acts as an AND so both the filters have to be true for the user to match and see the Guide.

There has been a delay in getting matches

If you are seeing selected users in the audience tab but you still aren't seeing any matches, then there may be a delay in the matches coming through. Sometimes when you run an Guide or especially when you re run an Guide, there can be a slight delay for all the matches to come through. If after 5 or 10 mins you still do not have any matches, please contact us at

Matches but you still can't see Guide

Your Guide is getting matches but still can't see anything

First thing to do is to check your device is getting a match. From the dashboard go to USERS, find your device, click on your device and go to GuideS tab. You should be able to see if you have matched the Guide you have enabled.

If you see that your user/device has no match then check that your device fits the criteria in audience selection. If you believe there is something else wrong then please contact us at

If you see that your device has matched but you are unable to see the Guide, then there are a couple of things you need to check

  • If your Guide is on a specific page, then make sure that you are visiting the correct page.

  • If your Guide is a tip, then you will need to check if there is any content that changes on the page.

  • Sometimes if there is dynamic content on a page and you have placed a tip on the content, then our SDk will be unable to find the target and the Guide will not be able to be shown. Try placing the tip on a target that you know is not dynamic and always on the page.

  • If that still doesn't work, then there may be something wrong with the integration that our SDK can't recognise the page or content properly. Please contact us for help in this situation

Last update: 2023-04-12