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The Interactions type which holds all the information for specific interactions which the guide should adhere to and perform actions based on certain conditions.

Property Type Description
matchType NSString Match type.
actions NSArray<Actions> The actions for tip.
conditions NSArray<Conditions> The conditions for tip.


Property Type Description
type NSString Type of action.
value NSString Value of action.


Property Type Description
type NSString Type of condition.
value NSString Value of condition.
target NSString Target of condition.
view NSString View of condition.
targetParams TargetParams Target parameters of condition.

Target Params

Property Type Description
x CGFloat X-coordinate.
y CGFloat Y-coordinate.
width CGFloat Width.
height CGFloat Height.
child NSString Child element.
ancestor NSString Ancestor element.
index NSString Index of element.
type NSString Type of element.
version NSString Version of element.
selector NSString Selector for the element.

Last update: 2024-01-30