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The Series Element type which holds all the information about a tour (a multi-step guide), including its series of tips / guides / steps.

Property Type Description
tipDisplayType TipDisplayType Display type of the current tip series.
tipType TipType Type of the current tip series.
seriesAuthorMode NSString Mode of the current tip series.
triggerType TipTrigger Trigger of the current tip series.
triggerControl id (weak) Weak reference of the trigger control which triggers this series. It's for event handling. It can be the same or not the same as targetView. It can be a normal UIView, UIBarButtonItem, or etc.
launcher TipLauncherElement Launcher of the current tip series.
target TipTargetElement Target of the current tip series.
feed_id NSString A unique identifier for the containing feed. Obtained from the parent feed object.
campaignid NSString A unique identifier for the campaign to which the current series belongs. Obtained from the parent feed object.
modified NSDate Feed update timestamp indicating if the tip series element is changing to update local SDK cache.
expiry NSDate Indicates when the feed will expire.
arrayTips NSArray<TipElement> Array of the series.
isMultipageTour BOOL Identifies whether it's a multipage tour.
priority NSInteger Priority of the guide.
currentPreviewStep NSInteger The index of the step being edited in Preview Mode.
faq NSDictionary Dictionary containing FAQ information.
fab NSDictionary Dictionary containing FAB (Floating Action Button) information.
repeat_conditions NSArray<FeedConditions> Array of repeat conditions for the series.
trigger_conditions NSArray<FeedConditions> Array of trigger conditions for the series.
deletion_conditions NSArray<FeedConditions> Array of deletion conditions for the series.

Display Type

Enum Constant Value Description
DisplayType_Dom 1 << 0 (1) Dom type.
DisplayType_Faq 1 << 1 (2) Faq type.
DisplayType_Feed 1 << 2 (4) Feed type.


Enum Constant Value Description
Trigger_Unknown 0 Unknown type.
Trigger_PageLoad 1 Appear immediately after page load.
Trigger_Click 2 Appear when the target UI element is clicked.
Trigger_Launcher 3 Add a launcher, show tip when clicking this launcher.
Trigger_OnDemand 4 Appear when user triggers.

Last update: 2024-01-30