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Preview Mode Explanation

The Contextual Dashboard allows you to do point-and-click tips and tours on your desktop. To get started you need to upload the structure of your App to the Contextual Cloud. We've made an ingenious method of sending screenshots to make this super-easy for you. Follow these 3 videos (you'll find them in the dashboard too) to guide you through the process.


Normal users never see this mode, its only for you ... Product Managers or Developers to get your Tips/Tours/Modals ready. You can create and preview what users will see!

Online Images in Preview mode will not be cached due to constant changes in the Contextual Dashboard. However, after exiting out of Preview Mode, all online images will be cached to provide a better experience for customers.

Connecting your Device for Sending Screenshots to Contextual cloud.

Getting into Preview Mode

Sending the Screenshots

Placing Tips and Previewing results

Last update: 2022-11-14