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iOS GuideBlocks

Contextual GuideBlocks lets developers render their own UI while utilising Contextual's powerful guide matching engine. This is useful if you have a custom UI that Contextual do not provide out of the box.

Note A sample integration with custom GuideBlocks is available on our Github Sample custom GuideBlocks are available within that project here


  1. Create a class (or use an existing class) and subclass the CTXBaseGuideController class provided by Contextual (see the GitHub sample above for further details)
  2. Register a custom guide using the registerGuideBlock function:
            Contextual.sharedInstance().registerGuideBlock(AdhocRowInsertion(), forKey: "AdhocRowInsertion")

For more information on the registerGuideBlock method and other API methods, please refer to API Reference

Last update: 2024-01-30