This is the object which contains all of the specific, customised information which has been configured on the Contextual Dashboard when this guide was created.

Property Type Description
suid NSString "id" field of a tip. It's unique in a series.
feed_id NSString A unique identifier for the containing feed. This is got from the parent feed object.
campaignid NSString A unique identifier for the campaign that the current feed belongs to.
tipType Type Type of the current tip.
view NSString The view string of the current tip.
target TargetElement Target of the current tip.
placement Placement Position of the tip relative to the target UI element.
delaySeconds double Delay seconds before this tip shows.
padding FourSide The tip's padding.
margin FourSide The tip's margin.
boxShadow CGFloat The tip's box shadow.
backgroundColor UIColor Background of the tip.
borderColor UIColor The tip's border color.
borderWidth CGFloat The tip's border width.
borderCornerRadius CGFloat The tip's border corner radius.
width CGFloat The tip's width if tipPercentage does not exist.
widthUnit NSString The tip's width unit.
height CGFloat The tip's height if tipPercentage does not exist.
heightUnit NSString The tip's height unit.
overlayColor UIColor The color of the overlay of the tip.
overlayAlpha CGFloat The transparency of the overlay.
coachmark TipCoachmarkElement The coach mark of the tip.
carousel TipCarouselElement The carousel of the tip.
arrayInteractions NSArray<TipInteractions> Interactions of the tip.
overlay Overlay Overlay for the tip.
feedback TipFeedbackElement The feedback of the tip.
arrayImages NSArray<TipImageElement> The array of images.
title TextElement The structure of the title.
content TextElement The structure of the content.
web WebElement Web structure of this tip.
prev ButtonElement Button Prev of the tip.
next ButtonElement Button Next of the tip.
pair NSString Pair of predefined buttons. TODO: not implemented now.
isHorizontal BOOL Whether buttons layout is horizontal.
dismissWhenTouchInside BOOL Whether dismiss the tip (equal next button is clicked) when touching inside of the tip.
dismissWhenTouchOutside BOOL Whether dismiss the tip (equal next button is clicked) when touching outside of the tip.
dismiss DismissElement Dismiss button of the tip.
animation AnimationElement Animation of the tip.
series SeriesElement Weak reference to containing series. This is assigned when a tip is added into a series.
viewController UIViewController Weak reference to this tip's view controller. It's assigned when showing a view controller and matches this tip's. In a series, the tips' view controller can be different in case of multiple pages.
targetControl UIView Weak reference of the target control which this tip is aligned with. It's assigned when parsing tip for a view controller. It decides the position of the tip.
status NSString Status for a tip series element: idle, queueing, showing, dismissed.
pointerParams PointerParams Pointer params.
guideBlockKey NSString The name of the custom guideBlock to use as the display for this tip.
extraJson NSDictionary Any "extra JSON" that was set in the Dashboard by the user for this tip.

Last update: 2024-01-30