The Button Element type which holds all of the configured information for a button in the guide. For example, the Previous and Next buttons.

Property Type Description
buttonType NSString Button type.
buttonText NSString Button text of the tip.
buttonAlignment NSString Button alignment to the content of the tip.
textColor UIColor Button color of the tip.
backgroundColor UIColor Button background color of the tip.
borderColor UIColor Button border color.
borderWidth CGFloat Button border width.
borderCornerRadius CGFloat Button border corner radius.
alignment NSTextAlignment Button alignment of the tip.
padding FourSide The button's padding.
margin FourSide The button's margin.
boxShadow CGFloat The button's box shadow.
fontName NSString The button's font name.
fontSize CGFloat The button's font size.
fontWeight NSString The button's font weight.
actionUrl NSString The button's deeplinking URL.
ondemand NSString The button's on-demand campaign ID (if any).
width CGFloat The button's width, used for carousel item.
height CGFloat The button's height, used for carousel item.
buttonWidthUnit NSString The button's width unit.

Last update: 2024-01-30