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Targeting Users with Contextual Tags


Please ensure that you have integrated Contextual into your application or that you are using one of our demo apps.

This video illustrates:

  1. How you can target users for specific Contextual content (tips, tours, popups, carousels, feedback etc)

  2. The overall architecture of how this works using Contextual tags.

  3. Tagging from either your Mobile App or your Backend Application

  4. Types of Tags (String, Numeric, Datetime, Timediff) and how they appear in Audience filtering in the Dashboard.

Further information

Using Tags from IOS

Using Tags from Android

Python Example for using tagging from your backend App

Importance of 'sh_cuid' tag and an overview

Link to the tagging section of Contextual API Docs

Last update: 2023-04-12