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The Coachmark Element

Property Type Description
style CoachMarkStyle The highlight style of coach mark.
width CGFloat The highlight width of coach mark.
height CGFloat The highlight height of coach mark.
diffuse CoachMarkDiffuse The diffuse of coach mark.
type NSString * The highlight type.
backgroundColor UIColor * The highlight background color.
borderColor UIColor * The highlight border color.
cornerRadius CGFloat The highlight corner radius of coach mark.
borderWidth CGFloat The highlight border width.
padding FourSide The highlight padding.

Coachmark Style

Enum Constant Value Description
CoachMarkStyle_circular 1 Highlight is a circle covering the target control.
CoachMarkStyle_rectangular 2 Highlight is a rectangle covering the target control.
CoachMarkStyle_custom 3 Highlight is a custom rectangle locating at the center of the target control.

Coachmark Diffuse

Enum Constant Value Description
CoachMarkDiffuse_none 0 No diffusion.
CoachMarkDiffuse_gradient 1 Diffusion using a gradient effect.
CoachMarkDiffuse_blur 2 Diffusion using a blur effect.

Last update: 2024-01-30