The Text Element type which holds all of the configured information for each piece of text in the guide. An example would be the title or content text.

Property Type Description
text NSString Text of the tip.
lineHeight CGFloat Line height of this element. It can be in DP (e.g., 28) or percentage (e.g., 110%).
textColor UIColor Text color of the tip.
backgroundColor UIColor Text background color of the tip.
alignment NSTextAlignment Text alignment of the tip.
padding FourSide Padding of the tip.
margin FourSide Margin of the tip.
boxShadow CGFloat The text's box shadow.
fontName NSString The text's font name.
fontSize CGFloat The text's font size.
fontWeight NSString The text's font weight. Just keep the original data from the payload.

Last update: 2024-01-30