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Does Contextual support multiple languages?

Yes we support multiple languages. Currently it is one Guide per language, our SDK detects each user's language and you can target those users as part of audience filtering. Another advantage of keeping guides seperate for languages is the guide analytics are independent for each language - you can see which language guides are performing better.

Contextual SDKs automatically detect the language on the user's device and send it to the cloud as "sh_language" tag. This allows you to match a specific guide for a specific language (along with other filters) for the user.

To create guides for multiple languages:

  1. Perfect your first guide. Make sure audience you have selected a "User String Properties" to target your desired language(s)1.
  2. In the Guides list, click on the 3 dots and select "Duplicate" - the copy will appear in the Guides list as disabled.
  3. In your new Guide, edit the text for the new language. Change the "User String Properties" to your new language. Save, Preview. Enable.

BTW, Contextual does not provide automatic translation.

You can read more about the sh_language tag and other tagging here.

  1. Selecting your language matching follows the standard defined at the format is lang_code-region for example: vi-VN vietnamese in Vietnam.

    To target all english languages in countries (en-US, en-AU, en-GB, en-VN etc) you should simply target the string "en-", this will use Contextual's substring matching to reach all english users. 

Last update: 2023-04-12