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Glidev4 Support

Glide v4

see Glide Github Releases

Glide must be compiled against API 27. Glide uses v27 of the support libraries (though v26 should work as well, to use v26 of the support library.


Contextual compiles with api 25 and Glide v3 to support older Apps. We are working towards api 26 and 27 support in later releases.


Contextual will load Tip/ Modal online images using a callback method. Contextual images will resort to placeholder image if not implemented.

  • Please add PZGlideSupport and PZGlideTransformation classes to your App so our Contextual SDK can call Glidev4.



  • Then set a Listener for GlideImage Loader as early in your code as possible: Pointzi.INSTANCE.setGlideImageListener(new PZGlideSupport());

This will allow our Widget images to be loaded using your Glide v4 library. Please implement these two steps to support our Widget images.

Last update: 2022-02-14